[COLORIZED] One of the last surviving images from Lake Valley Observations, the site of what would one day become Liminal Land. Within the building shown, "Clean Energy" was produced and used in various regions across the country. Directly beneath these facilities sat their enormous underground housing development which would later be repurposed into HOME.

These images show the early days of Lake Valley, years before they would begin their Clean Energy Initiative. The town was small, remote, and rarely visited which made it the perfect place to build their power plant.

Recovered photos from inside Lake Valley Observations. The site was once home to an estimated 7,000 employees at its peak, though very few photographs remain.

A photograph taken inside one of the washrooms in the underground portion of the energy facility. The white tiled walls would serve as inspiration for the decor of Subliminal Land. In some instances, the tiles did not need to be replaced.

The only known image taken of "The Hub" - the main energy sector of Lake Valley Observations. Due to the constant reactions happening inside, entering this room often meant death in under an hour.

"The Hub" would eventually be retrofitted into the final floor of Subliminal Land, which made it one of the most highly sought after locations in the entire park.